Leilani Kosmider

Project Coordinator – Leilani Kosmider

Leilani Kosmider is originally from Long Island, New York she moved to Florida 11 years ago to raise her family. She is a single parent with one child and a mom who keeps her company at her home in Tampa. Having graduated with a Bachelors in Liberal Science and Masters Degree in Secondary Education with minor in Business Administration, she has easily adapted into the many roles she has taken. She has experience in Education, Global Logistics, Supply Chain Management and Procurement, the transition from working in the financial industry into the roofing industry was challenging and rewarding.

With her prior experience and knowledge she fits perfectly in her role as Project Coordinator of GreenTek Property Solutions. Her belief is that regardless of industry, there is always room for improvement, streamlining operations and developing compliance standards. This with all of her previous experience has allowed her to develop teams that work together to achieve the same goals. From suppliers, crews, field managers to clients, Leilani understands that communication and direction are what makes great things happen.

Leilani strives to keep increasing the production and development of this company as she sees great potential in the years to come. Her belief that we can only get better and provide the best customer service possible is constantly being realized as we get more established and learn from experience as we continue to mature as a company and as a team.



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