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When Should You Hire a Roofing Contractor?

Your roof should be regularly examined and you should keep tabs on its state. The following are indications that you may need to hire a roofing contractor for a new roof installation.

  • Your roof is in between twenty and twenty-five years of age.
  • The shingles are exceedingly cracking, curling, or they are blistering.
  • There are numerous shingles that are missing and are torn or damaged.
  • The roof is leaking in many places.

How Much Will You Pay Your Roofing Contractor?

There is no exact formula as to how much a new roof will cost. There are many factors that a roofing contractor will have to consider before offering you an accurate price. The most important ones include:

  • The size of your roof
  • Products to be used
  • Location of your home (based on location and local weather, your roofing contractor will decide which products to use)
  • Whether you require a brand-new roof installation, re-roofing, or roof repairs
  • State costs and taxes
  • Type of home

After taking all of these factors into consideration, your #1 roofing company, GreenTek Property Solutions, can offer you an exact cost estimate.

It is also recommended that you add a new layer of shingles to your roof. Ditching the old layers would consume more time and energy, and by removing them, the density of the shingles would decrease, leading to possible leaks in the future. 

By adding new layers of shingles, you would be protecting the inner part of your roof, and making sure that it’s safe from possible leaks, not to mention that it would cost you less.


What Should You Ask Your Roofing Company?

Hiring a roofing company is supposed to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your roof is in the most capable hands. To eliminate any doubts or uncertainties you may have, feel free to ask your roofing contractor the following:

– Ask questions with regards to their standing in their field of proficiency. This will help you determine the quality of their roofing services.

– Ask about the specifics of their operation. This includes whether they are licensed to offer specific services and whether they offer insurance coverage in case of unexpected events that may take place throughout the construction process. Rest assured, GreenTek Property Solutions is a licensed, bonded, and insured construction company.

– And lastly, ask anything you want to know about the construction and post-construction services and guarantees. Feel free to ask them to explain in simple terms how they will construct your roof, what materials are going to be utilized, and what services and service warranties they provide in case of unexpected leaks or damages to your roof in the future.


Want a Reliable Roofing Contractor?

GreenTek Property Solutions is your safest bet! 

With our roofing company on the job, you can count on great professionalism and open communication from start to finish. We are dedicated, efficient, and meticulous, as our primary goal is to give your home a durable roof that will last a long time.

Whether you need a roof repair, a roof replacement, or a new roof installation, we’ve got you covered! No issue ever gets past us, and our roofing contractors will make sure that your roof is back in top shape in no time.

We believe that every homeowner deserves an above-average roof over their head, as well as premier protection – which is exactly what you’ll get by working with us.   

We offer comprehensive residential roofing services and work with many different roof types, which makes us the best roofing company for any job. We have worked diligently over the years to build our reputation and we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon!

Every project we work on, as well as every homeowner, gets the same high-quality service that has helped us rise to the top, and we have no plans to change the way we do business. Quality and satisfaction are always guaranteed!

Call us today for any of your roofing needs, and let our roofers take care of your home.


Why Should You Choose Us?

Your home is one of your biggest investments, and as such, it deserves high-quality care. This is why it’s important to always hire a reputable roofing company that guarantees professional results.

We are honored every time homeowners hire our roofing company for their needs, as it means that they trust us with their most valuable possession – their homes! 

When you hire GreenTek Property Solutions for the job, you get a commitment to customer service. Every homeowner’s needs are equally important to us, no matter how big or small.

Providing you with even more than you expect is our #1 priority. We aim to make every job count. We are invested, dedicated, and work around the clock until you and your family are fully satisfied with our roofing service.

On top of that, we are thorough and we’ll go the extra mile for your home every time – from a detailed roofing estimate all the way to the final clean-up after the work is done.

Most importantly, we’ve got the experience to back it all up. Our roofing contractors know what to do in any situation, which is an invaluable quality that all our homeowners can greatly benefit from.

Now, all that’s left to do is give us a call and let our proven track record of excellent results provide your home with incredible value and unparalleled protection for many years to come!


Free Estimate & Free Inspection

To keep your roofing system in top functional shape, as well as protected and damage-free, regular roof inspections are of the utmost importance.

For your peace of mind, GreenTek Property Solutions offers comprehensive residential roofing services that include FREE roof inspections and estimates.

With great attention to detail, our crew of experienced roofers will inspect every inch of your roof, leaving no stone unturned, and make sure that no issue gets overlooked, no matter how big or small.

Even the smallest issues could lead to serious and costly damage, so our roofers will make sure to catch them on time and nip them in the bud.

We’ll take great care of your home, so feel free to call us for a free roof inspection anytime!


Searching for Roofers Near Me?

Look no further! GreenTek Property Solutions is your #1 roofing contractor who always has your best interest in mind. With our team of professionals in your corner, you can expect nothing but outstanding customer service and an open line of communication from start to finish. We will provide you with the best possible solution every time.

Contact GreenTek Property Solutions today to schedule your FREE roof inspection by calling (877) 389 0632 or use our convenient contact form.