Roof replacement and how to prepare for our workers

roof replacement

When it is time for a roof replacement, you should be as prepared as you can for our team of skilled laborers. When our crew is working, you’ll want to be sure you help us with some basic safety concerns. Pebblestone Construction in partnership with Greentek Property Solutions has a pretty solid record for being accident-free in the workplace. You can help us out by following our simple preparation list, which you can read below.

Preparing for your roof replacement

  • Have your lawn mowed to a short length. Having your grass cut short will insure that our cleanup will be fast and efficient. It will also prevent us from missing a stray nail we left behind.
  • Park your cars a little further away. We bring in our own vehicles to move the materials in. A cleanup team will also bring a vehicle. We suggest parking your vehicles down the street or in an adjacent driveway, if possible.
  • Pictures and other hanging items. When we’re working on the roof, we may generate vibrations that could knock pictures down. If you have pictures or other items that are either hanging or on a mantle, please try to move them somewhere safe during construction.
  • When you’re outside, look up! Treat the area surrounding your home as a hard hat area. Falling debris could be extremely dangerous if you’re not aware.
  • Children and pets. Keep a close eye on your children and pets. Our work crews want to do their jobs without the danger or small children or animals nearby.
  • Pets should be kept on a leash during construction. Our skilled laborers will often leave the gates open on your property to move materials back and forth. We don’t want Fido to run away.

In conclusion, we want to you to have the safest experience possible when we’re putting on your new roof. Call us at (877) 389-0632 to find out if you have any storm damage that could present itself as an issue in the future. Alternately, we will also get back to you right away if you send us an email with our contact form.

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