Roof repair can turn into roof replacement for discontinued tiles

roof repair discontinued tiles

Roof repair can be a tricky situation if you’ve got an old roof that may be using discontinued tiles. At Pebblestone Construction in partnership Greentek Property Solutions, we help with a lot of insurance claims. Of those claims, we will try to opt for a complete roof replacement when possible. A stop gap measure such as a replacement of tiles may not even be possible. Sometimes Spanish tiles are used in the roof. In these cases, we might be unable to be repair the roof since there is no manufacturer who makes them any longer. In Florida, there’s a state statute that explains this in detail.

When roof repair might be viable

The insurance companies are going to weigh a lot factors about your roof when they are deciding what they want to pay for your insurance claim. Storm damage is one of the conditions usually listed in your homeowner’s insurance policy. As a rule of thumb, the insurance companies will try to pay for repairs over a complete replacement. They take into account the age of the roof, cleaning and maintenance, and other factors. A responsible homeowner will make sure that debris and overhanging foliage aren’t putting the integrity of the roof at risk. Insurance companies expect this.

Roof replacement might be the way to go

The main objective for our company is that your investment is protected. In the case of having discontinued tiles, replacement might be the only option. In many cases the roofing tiles won’t interlock correctly if they’re different. This could cause many more thousands of dollars in water damage if the entire roof isn’t sealed properly.

Call an experienced roof repair expert and make sure your home is protected from the elements. The 2018 Florida hurricane season is supposed to be less active than last year, but that’s no reason to think that damage can’t happen. At Pebblestone Construction, we will make sure you get the best chance to replace your roof. Get in touch with us by calling (877) 389-0632 or by using our convenient contact form.

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