The Process

Unfortunately, storms can cause damage to our homes and often to our roofs. If that isn’t stressful enough, we then have to deal with the headache of figuring out if the damage will be covered by our insurance which can be complex, to say the …

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Financial Responsibility

At Greentek Property Solutions we often encounter the question of financial responsibility. In other words, how much will individual homeowners be accountable for roof replacement? Well, before we get there let’s discuss some of your options for roof replacement, then potential financial accountability! Being a …

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4 Pro-Tips to Spot Storm Damage

Storm damage comes in all shapes and sizes. The most common occurrences of storm damage come from wind, hail, fallen debris, water leaks, or anything else that is considered an “act of God”. Many homeowners are uncertain whether or not they have storm damage and …

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Roof inspection – no half measures

Regularly, we asked all the time for a “partial” roof inspection. This is another of those things that genuinely escapes my logic. Make certain that the basis for this request is the wish to lower the expense of the evaluation. Partial examinations are frequently a …

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The roofing inspection – what do we look for?

A correctly installed, quality roof is crucial to keeping a home’s integrity. The roof needs to do more than just keep wind and rain out of the house. It should also help the house to “breathe” by permitting moisture-laden air created in the house or …

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Roof price – what’s involved?

Similar to any kind of major job that requires revising your home one of the most vital aspects to consider is the expense. Roof price is composed of numerous variables. We will discuss these below. You should constantly be careful that you aren’t jeopardizing quality …

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Roof installation – don’t DIY

Roof installation that involves the whole system can be a strenuous task. Furthermore, it also ought to not be attempted if you do not know what you are doing. It is essential to make sure that have adequate roofing prep work prior to installing roofing …

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