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Our Team at GreenTek Roofing and Solar


John Franco – CEO & Licensed Roofing Contractor

John is a Florida native, born and raised right down the street from Greentek’s home office. He’s been in the roofing industry for the last 10 years and has had his Roofing Contractor’s license since 2018. When John is not out giving roofing bids to potential new customers or meeting with suppliers he can be found with his wife and 3 kids doing activities outside or cooling off from the Florida heat in their pool.


Samantha Kahn – Director of Operations

Sam is from a small town outside of Boston and moved to Florida for college 7 years ago. She’s been with Greentek since the beginning and her competitive attitude and willingness to succeed has excelled her to new heights. On her days off she can be found outside by the beach or on a boat doing her best to get that classic Florida tan, despite the fact she is a natural ginger.


David Hill – Permit Coordinator

David moved to Tampa from Baltimore in 1982. Once settled down in his new hometown he began working for a roofing distributor. He picked up a passion for the roofing industry and has continued to refine his knowledge and skills for the past 39 years. When not pulling permits or scheduling inspections, in his spare time he enjoys writing and recording music, artwork and history literature.


Kaitlyn Mast – Project Coordinator

Kat has been in Florida since she was 6 years old. She started as an Office Admin, but her willingness to take initiative and retain industry knowledge advanced her into a higher role within Greentek in her first 12 months of employment. Kat is a dedicated mother, philanthropist and avid reader. On her days off she enjoys spending time with her family and daughter crafting, visiting local wildlife parks or taking long strolls through Target.


Kilo “Smush” – Greentek Mascot / Head Napper

Kilo is a 3-year old Frenchie that’s never missed a day at Greentek. As the only employee with perfect attendance Kilo is free to do as he pleases. However, if you can’t hear him snoring from the time you enter the office you can find him out back chasing lizards, looking for treats or begging the office staff for butt scratches. His favorite time of the day is lunchtime, napping or not the opening of the kitchen fridge will spring him into action and you will have a new lunch buddy begging for scraps.

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